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Vanessa Mayhew Durban, South Africa based Fluid Artist

Vanessa is the leading expert in all things fluid art related. Based in KZN, South Africa, she has regularly exhibited and sold her art throughout the country and internationally. With over 20 years experience in teaching within the Arts and Craft space, she is a natural facilitator for both in person and online fluid art workshops.

Vanessa creates Fluid Art on commission for both personal and commercial projects. Her passion in fluid art transcends wall art and flows to furniture, household decor and custom wallpaper.

When not in her studio creating art, you can find Vanessa out in nature - walking, hiking and paddling.

What is Fluid Art?

Fluid Art is the magic that happens when acrylic paints are combined in unique ways to create an organic style of abstract art. The artistry comes in the combinations of paint, colours, mediums and techniques to create unique, one of a kind art works. 


I live for Creativity

I have a Fine Art background and have been involved with, and teaching, various forms of Arts & Crafts for as long as I can remember.

I live for Creativity and love imparting and passing on my knowledge, always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new mediums and techniques.

I have been involved with teaching, painting & selling Fluid Art for over two & a half years now and love the creativity, the freedom and the beauty of Fluid Art.

It is an art form that is accessible to ANYONE, whether you have a Fine Art background or not & I love the fact that EVERYONE is able to create a beautiful piece of art & no two pieces will ever be the same. I am absolutely loving this creative journey that I am currently on.

I am passionate about anything creative and passing that knowledge on to my students.

My studio is my Slice of Heaven. It is my quiet space, the place I retreat to when the outside world gets too loud and where I can let go & create. I like to think that people who come to me for workshops feel the same, that they are able to leave their troubles at my door & for the time that they are with me, this is a safe space for them to immerse themselves in Creativity.

Once I had stumbled across Fluid Art, I made it my purpose to become THE Go-To person for this medium, to become the leader in Fluid Art in KZN and to bring it into the Community.


Each pour that comes out of a cup is still a Marvel, to be oohed & aahed over.
Each & every pour is unique, you cannot replicate or reproduce it.

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Browse my shop for your own unique piece. From large scale wall art to functional decor pieces, you can find whatever your heart desires. 

The Creative Club Fluid Art lessons for Creatives

Join The Creative Club and learn the techniques I use to create these exceptional art pieces. Video tutorials are loaded into the Membership on a weekly basis. Join my exclusive online community and network with artists and creatives who are looking to grow their knowledge and skill in fluid art together. 

Fluid Art is art for everyone!

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