About Vanessa Mayhew

Vanessa Mayhew Fluid Artist

“Jill of all Arts & mistress to none.”

This about sums me up.

Although my background is Fine Arts, I  love the journey that I am on with Fluid Art. I love the unpredictability and the spontaneity of the medium, that it is Fluid and that nothing is guaranteed.

My studio is my Slice of Heaven. It is my quiet space, the place I retreat to when the outside world gets too loud and where I can let go & create. I like to think that people who come to my workshops feel the same, that they are able to leave their troubles at the door & for the time that they are with me, this is a safe space for them to immerse themselves in Creativity.

Once I had stumbled across Fluid Art, I made it my purpose to be The Go-To person for this medium, to become the leader in Fluid Art in KZN, and to introduce it to a broader public. So come along and join me on this ride...